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DB Cloud Art

We create additional sales and reduce undesired attrition,
caused by data losses and quality issues.

We achieve your objectives by using our own methodology and tools:

Data Survival Planning

Our company protects your business data and keeps it safe and available. In complex situations, in major locations, when you need it.

Data Protection and Availability

Business Decisions and Risks

We also provide AI-based business decisions and data risks evaluation and recommendation service. Validate your "next big move" before market does.

Business Process and Data Quality

Most importantly, we simplify business flows and protect critical data.

How can we help?

We assist our customers with data quality and business process management. Our business operates since 2015 and over those years we have learnt the true value of our own records and how critically important the business process management is.

Achieving business outcomes

We are providing management and B2B consulting services. We use our own AI-based business decision framework and we trusted our proprietary AI system to "pivot" our business from "IT company" to whatever it is today. (Therefore, we are able to apply our rich practical experience with Databases, Cloud computing and Big Data to Management Consulting and Business Process planning areas.)

Lessons learnt

As we advised other enterprises on their dealings it became obvious to us how valuable and important business information is and how many data-related threats are there. (Also we noticed the truly disastrous effect of data losses on share price and market sentiment.)

The integrity of your data can be compromised, accidentally or not, your records may be lost as result of hardware failure or software upgrade, data transfers between cloud and infrastructure providers have corrupted data number of times. The stories we have heard in industry are full of drama and for some businesses, unfortunately, data losses were unsurvivable.

You never see the "complete picture"

If you think those businesses "had no backups", you are mistaken. Affected companies lost critical information and had to liquidate their businesses - but they did protect their data, did spend money on high availability and disaster recovery, they were using cloud providers and on-premises solutions and seemed to follow industry best practices. They had real business process established - but it was incomplete or just outdated and wrong. (And that was only one of many problems.)

And still, they lost their data and had to close the doors. Do not allow this to happen to your business.

Who are our clients?

Our AI-based business decisions evaluation service helped many companies - and almost all of them decided to use our business data protection service. Here are the most common traits of our clients:

If you expected to see here customer testimonials or logos - sorry to disappoint you. We do not disclose business information in any circumstances and we never discuss our clients.

Where to start?

The most important point

Your data availability has direct impact on your ability to trade, share price and customers. Today, it is impossible to separate Management and Business Analysts, Technology and Sales. Company Data must be kept for years and may bring profit or cause a loss.

We may help you to use that data wisely - and not to lose it

You do not have to hire consultants or pay someone to protect your data. All can be done "in house". In fact, the only person who can help with your data is you. However, some external help might still be required.

Know what to protect

Before you do anything else, please analyse and classify your data . You need to identify what is critical for your business (accounting records), which records are useful (business plans, marketing campaigns) and what is just nice to have (photos from last Christmas party).

"Not everything that can be counted counts,
and not everything that counts can be counted."
(Albert Einstein)

What threats are you protecting from?

"I want to protect my data from everything" is the statement we hear too often. And still, it does not make sense. You need to decide which records are subject to which risks and to what extent - and act accordingly.

Get the right tools

Always utilise tools which you know how to use and which are right for the job. Many organisations with very limited budgets protect their information very successfully and can recover from many "significant events".

If you are an owner of small business, you may rely on open source UNIX-like OS, symmetric encryption with GPG, reliable tape drives and bank safety deposit boxes to build effective and inexpensive data protection workflow. For the needs of small business you probably will never need anything above that.

If you can not do all this yourself

In theory, you should be able to answer the "data questions" above. It is your business and your data, right?

But if you are unsure how to do it, do not know where to start or afraid of mistakes - please ask us for help. We analysed other businesses many times and always located successfull solution to existing or newly identified problems.

And in numerous cases, by asking uncomfortable questions (which many people are afraid to ask if they work for you) we uncovered hidden and dangerous flaws.

Needless to say, all our findings and recommendations are for you only. We do not share information with people, not named next to the "dotted line" on the last page of our contracts.

Contact us

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